Our Company

Capital investment alone rarely solves such issues and the Athlone Group is a unique business development company with an emphasis on a quick assessment of client needs, the development of a mutually supported plan and the resources to execute on that plan against key milestones and objectives. Few assignments are the same but the core of every engagement is Athlone working with its clients to achieve their financial objectives.

The Athlone ‘free agency’ approach is underpinned by a clear understanding of the needs and business objectives of the client regardless of the content of the engagement. The engagement is quick to roll out, easy to access and easy to exit with a fee approach which is more measurable than most other options with the advantage that Athlone is not tied to any political or cultural agenda and is measured only on the success of the engagement. The engagement is supported by access to an extensive network of decision makers, influencers and partners who can support the delivery of a successful project.