Athlone Holdings

Athlone Holdings is part of The Athlone Group and represented by Jojar S Dhinsa, Yevgeniy Pshenichniy (SAMEXPORTTRADE), Ruslan Ismagulov (RITM OIL). Operating through offices strategically located in Russia, Kazakhstan, UK, Dubai and the USA so that our global trading partners can be provided product trading, local sales, service, informational and logistical support on an ongoing constant basis. Athlone Holdings has dual core focuses that are synergistic. Firstly Athlone focuses on sourcing, marketing and delivering physical energy products to its clients. In addition, we provide market research, project consultation, procurement planning, source selection and a host of other client-specific, industry-related services. Our commercial counterparts are producers, traders and industrial consumers. Our objective is to provide a consistent, cost effective flow of materials to our partners in the global energy markets we serve and to support our partners in their own corporate growth and development. The second of our dual focus is on humanitarian projects and causes. Athlone Holdings is geared towards working with governments and countries such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, India, Sri Lanka and Africa to support growth for the benefit of the regions. We do this by attracting foreign investors into the countries who have an in interest in humanitarian and government supported projects, who are also looking for long term investment opportunities. Athlone Holdings will bring together these investors and the opportunities presented to us by the governments. The very definition of Humanitarian is at the core of Athlone Holdings and its long-term goals;

1 – having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people
2 – of or pertaining to ethical or theological humanitarianism.
3 – pertaining to the saving of human lives or to the alleviation of suffering: a humanitarian crisis

Athlone Holdings management team provides client-partners the benefits of working with seasoned industry professionals possessing backgrounds in physical products trading, physical product transportation, quality control, port configuration and management, contract negotiation and risk assessment. This ensures both client-partners and Athlone Holdings experience truly professional synergy in the supply-demand fulfillment process. Our petroleum trading customers span the full range of small and medium-sized refinery operators to major, Fortune 500 resellers and distributors.

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