Athlone Construction


Athlone Construction partners have over 40 years of commercial and residential construction experience, with over $10 Billion dollars of completed projects since 2000.

Athlone puts the right people at every stage of their projects.  Successful completion of projects requires levels of expertise that Athlone provides in every project.

Athlone Construction is geared to deliver on-budget and on-time completion of every project.  Each client is treated with a world class level of service focused on not only meeting, but exceeding our client’s needs and desires.

  • A combined 40 years of commercial and residential construction
  • Over 10 billion USD of completed projects since 2000
  • List of clients including the US Government and state road departments
  • Built hundreds of homes a month of premium quality
  • Residential construction single family homes, multiplexes, and apartment/condo buildings
  • Commercial construction airports, class A office complexes, hotels, hospitals ,and shopping malls
  • Bridge and highway construction and resurfacing from design to finished roadway and bridge construction